Pallet tyer HBV by bornbinder®

A high degree of transport security is one of the basic prerequisites for avoiding unnecessary delays and costs during delivery.
The bornbinder® pallet tyer HBX fully automatically binds straps horizontally around pre-palletised goods such as plastic crates in the beverages industry, for example.

One to two bindings are wrapped around the goods at different heights, depending on the size of the pallet. Thanks to the variable height adjustment of the upper tying unit, tying can always take place in the optimum position, despite different load heights due to different crate dimensions. The label position in the lower load area does not change as it otherwise normally would. This ensures perfect securing of the load with an unchanged label position. Thanks to good elastic recovery properties, the twines are highly tear resistant and reliably keep the pallets together.

The most important advantages

  • The elastic twine can be pulled off as an entire ring and used again for the return transport of the empties.
  • The binding distance for a double binder is easily adjustable.
  • Low costs for consumable materials.
  • No waste of expensive PE foils.
  • Output: more than 200 pallets an hour.
  • Very easy machine operation. Does not require constant operating staff.
  • Infitnitely variable height adjustment. Easy adaptation to any stack height.
  • Can be annexed to any conveyor belt.
  • Robust construction for continuous operation.
  • Extremely high degree of availability and low maintenance costs due to less wearing parts, combined with robust design.
  • Neglectable maintenance costs thanks to sophisticated modular technology: machine parts (e.g. tying unit) can be replaced
    by the customer as required and sent to bornbinder for repair. No travel costs for technicians.

Detail informations

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