Pallet labelling system PES by bornbinder®

Pallets can now be clearly and conspicuously marked, without labels having to be glued or clipped to the pallet loads.

The most important advantages

  • Pallet strapping and pallet labelling all in one pallet stop. Saves a lot of time.
  • Labelling on one to three sides possible.
  • Environmentally friendly, cost-eff ective consumable material: conventional twine and labels in A5 format made of normal paper.
  • Labels are directly fastened to the twine during strapping. No glued up boxes or labels sticking to the fl oor.
  • Paper labels can be removed from the twine without being damaged. Therefore use of the labels possible for picking.
  • Robust, simple and very low-wear design of the labelling machine for highest availability.
  • Large selection of label printers available.
  • Made-to-measure labelling software guarantees easy connection to diff erent production planning and control systems (PPC). Software and printer service by local company possible.
  • The elastic twine can be pulled off as an entire ring and used again for the return transport of the empties.
  • Low costs for consumable materials.
  • No waste of expensive PE foils.
  • Output: up to 140 pallets an hour.
  • Very easy machine operation. Does not require constant operating staff.
  • Infinitely variable height adjustment. Easy adaptation to any stack height.
  • Can be annexed to any conveyor belt.
  • Robust construction for continuous operation.
  • Extremely high degree of availability and low maintenance costs due to less wearing parts, combined with robust design.

Detail informations

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