Pallet destrapper PAE by bornbinder®

Automatic twine or strap removal saves time and money. The system removes twines and straps fully automatically from horizontally bound or strapped palletised goods of any kind. The automatically removed twines or straps are collected in a container.

The most important advantages

  • Output: 150 pallets an hour.
  • Very easy machine operation. Does not require constant operating staff.
  • Infinitely variable height and cross adjustment. Easy adaptation to any stack height and width.
  • Can be annexed to any conveyor belt.
  • Robust construction for continuous operation.
  • Extremely high degree of availability and low maintenance costs due to less wearing parts, combined with robust design.

Detail informations

Request a call with our skilled professionals in pallet strapping. Then everything is obvious and you have no unpleasant surprises.

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bornbinder® PAE pallet destrapper. Fully automatically removes the cord from the palletised goods. The cord is collected in a container. The PAE does not require constant operating staff and is suitable for continuous operation due to its robust design.